2015 Bluebonnet Classic Results


Jeff Halbach (WS) - Bantams

Marty McGuire (AL) - Bantams

Chris Hawes (MS) - Bantams

Tom Roebuck (VA) - Large Fowl

Doug Connally (TX) - Pigeons

Bill Hopkins (TX) - Junior Show

Bobbi Williams (TX) - Showmanship


OPEN SHOW- 1206 birds

Champion American- SC Rhode Island Red K (H and H Poultry)

Reserve American- Silver Laced Wyandotte C (Melissa Ahlers)

Champion Asiastic- Black Cochin H (George and Cathy Carlton)

Reserve Asiastic- Light Brahma K (Shannon Huggins)

Champion English- Speckled Sussex K (Dorothy Haire)

Reserve English- Dark Cornish C (Dwayne and Melody Jonas)

Champion Mediterranean- RC Ancona H (Sam Brush)

Reserve Mediterranean- SC Black Minorca (Tommy French)

Champion Continental- Salmon Faverolle P (George and Cathy Carlton)

Reserve Continental- Wheaten Marans P (Beverly Robertson)

Champion AOSB- White Ameraucana P (Mary Laska)

Reserve AOSB- Black Ameraucana P (Diane Goddard)


Champion Modern- Black P (Bobby and Aileen Castlebury)

Reserve Modern- Birchen P ( Joe Osburn)

Champion Game- Spangled Old English H (Texoma Bantams)

Reserve Game- Crele Old English K (Texoma Bantams)

Champion SCCL- SC Rhode Island Red K (Steve Burkhart)

Reserve SCCL- SC White Leghorn K (Bill Hopkins)

Champion RCCL- White Wyandotte P (K and K Bantams)

Reserve RCCL- Quail Belgian Bearded d'Anvers H (Doug Connally)

Champion AOCCL- Dark Cornish K (Robert DeVault)

Reserve AOCCL- White Cornish C (Dwayne and Melody Jonas)

Champion Feather Leg- Black Langshan K (Phil Harriman)

Reserve Feather Leg- Brd. Black Silkie H (Brenda Gambel)

Champion Bantam Duck- Black East Indie H (Ruth Caron)

Reserve Bantam Duck- White Call H (Robert DeVault)


Champion Bantam- SC Rhode Island Red K (Steve Burkhart)

Reserve Bantam- Black East Indie H (Ruth Caron)

Reserve APA Bantam- SC White Leghorn K (Bill Hopkins)\

Champion Large Fowl- Salmon Faverolle P (George and Cathy Carlton)

Reserve Large Fowl- White Ameraucana P (Mary Laska)

Champion Waterfowl- Black East Indie H (Ruth Caron)


Grand Champion of Show- Bantam SC Rhode Island Red k (Steve Burkhart)

Reserve Champion of Show- LF Salmon Faverolle P (George and Cathy Carlton)



JUNIOR SHOW- 196 birds

Grand Champion- Bantam Birchen Modern P (Correy Walton)

Reserve Champion- Bantam Mottled Cochin P (Griffen Selman)



GAMEFOWL SHOW- 149 birds

Champion- Ruben Perez


PIGEON SHOW- 212 birds



Judge's Choice Champion- Millie Fleur d'Uccle K (Glenn Franklin)

Judge's Choice Most Unique- Russian Orloff P (Debra Knox)

People's Choice 1st- Polish Mixed C (Jeanne Cordell)

People's Choice 2nd- Silkie/Cochin Mixed H (George Carlton)

People's Choice 3rd- Millie Fleur d'Uccle H (Glenn Franklin)