Are you a backyard poultry owner? Have you just gotten started in poultry? Are you raising a new breed or variety that is not yet recognized? Do you have a beautiful cross that needs to be seen? This is the place to show off your hard work, learn, and have a little friendly competition! Earn Backyard Champion titles in all categories! Bring your best birds for the top cash prize, and let's turn up the show!!

It doesn't matter if you or your chicken have never been to a show, that's what the Backyard Poultry Show is all about! Bring them in a carrier, with a little feed and water. When you arrive, the Backyard Show Chair will direct you to the exhibition cages that will be awaiting each of your entries. You are also welcome to put your birds directly in the Open Shows.  A first time exhibitor won 2016 Reserve Champion Game Fowl in the Open Show last year!


The Bluebonnet Classic BACKYARD Poultry Show is a perfect way for newcomers to enter the show barn of exhibition poultry. No one knows the challenges of urban husbandry better than a backyard poultry owner. Celebrate your poultry successes this year and bring your best birds to the show! Pure breeds compete for judges selections, and single crossed breeds compete for People's Choice.


Why does the Brazos Valley Poultry Club allow crossed bred birds in the Backyard Poultry Show? Because in the new world of urban poultry husbandry, its not often that a breeder maintains a population of backup roosters.  And rarely does the new urban poultry household pare down to one breed.  The interests for urban breeders tends to generate first from food production and understanding how to maximize the reproductive output of their chickens on a small land space.  New breeders trial many breeds searching for the best fit for their needs and property.  It evolves over time to improving the actual genetic qualities and constitution of one's own closed flock.


When a rooster is lost in the city, to the urban predators that now hunt in the day and year round, the only backup rooster for a new breeder is often a different breed.  In addition, in the interest of free ranging, urban poultry often have many more opportunities to sneak a mount with the other ladies when two different breeds are released at the same time.  Its a learning process, so, we as a club celebrate the challenges of learning through raising multiple breeds and invite you to enter your beautiful cross bred poultry in the show.


However, the true love, passion, and mission of the Brazos Valley Poultry Club, is to promote the breeding and exhibition of pure breeds of poultry, including all standard breeds recognized by the American Poultry Association, and all bantam breeds recognized by the American Bantam Association.


This year features club and sponsor prizes for the top bantam and large fowl pure breed roosters, cockerels, pullets, hens, and pairs entered in the Backyard Poultry Show by new and urban exhibitors. Please join us at the show and start off an exciting new year of new breeder poultry fun! 




Must be over 18.

Under 18 enters Junior show.

Must be a member to participate.  

Memberships are Jan 1-Dec 31, 2016.

Submit as many entries as you like.  

You can win as many eligible prizes that apply!

Must enter either Backyard or the Open show.

Novices only please!

If you have never won a backyard show before, you're eligible!

If you have no earned points or stars in the past two years, you're eligible!

This show is designed to introduce the new exhibitor to the world of exhibition.

If you have never exhibited poultry before, just scoop up your bird and try!!

Pullet - Under 12 months of age  
Cockerel - Under 12 months of age 
Rooster - 12 months and older 
Hen - 12 months and older 


Pair - A male and female of the same variety/breed

Pure Breed - Must be a pure breed of chicken recognized by the American Poultry Association or the American Bantam Association.

Cross Breed - Must be able to identify breed of parents, single cross only




To be eligible for the cash prize awards, an entry must be a pure breeds of poultry.   Each of the winners in the following categories will be awarded a cash prize and an honorary 2018 membership in the Brazos Valley Poultry Club for their pure breed wins.  


Champion Large Fowl Rooster

Champion Large Fowl Cockerel

Champion Large Fowl Hen

Champion Large Fowl Pullet

Champion Large Fowl Pair


Champion Bantam Fowl Rooster

Champion Bantam Fowl Cockerel

Champion Bantam Fowl Hen

Champion Bantam Fowl Pullet

Champion Bantam Fowl Pair


2017 People's Choice, get as many votes as you can in the box before they count the ballots.  

Only crossed birds are eligible for People's Choice Awards Place 1, 2, & 3.


Stay tuned for postings of all Brazos Valley Poultry Club Backyard Poultry Show categories and prizes, including our backyard favorites, Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill, Randall Burkey and Happy Hen Treats. 


Backyard Poultry Show - JUNIOR JUDGING EVENT


While the prizes are only awarded to the top categories above, the entries will be arranged by size, LF/btm, and by the six classes in each. We arrange your entries in classes that match the Open show to also support learning in our Junior Judging program. Our Backyard Poultry Show is not only a prime playing field for new competitors, but it also provides the top Juniors in the poultry world an opportunity to display and hone their poultry judging and clerking skills.  


Preston Cummings and Bobbi Williams are our Youth Representatives for the club. Both are highly knowledgeable about exhibition poultry standards, and will be available for specific questions about your entry/breed after the judging concludes.  Our esteemed junior judge, Preston Cummings will be judging and overseeing the Junior Clerks for the Backyard show. Junior Clerk candidates will be selected from Junior Showmanship Competitions, as judged by our 4-H Representative, Bobbi Williams.  


During judging, the exhibition aisles are closed.  This is an ideal time to peruse the floor of the the show barn, and discover more beautiful varieties and breeds, and hopefully meet a like minded breeder. Please introduce yourself, tap a shoulder, and let us all get to know each other over the love of Texas' finest pure breed exhibition poultry!


PLEASE REMEMBER:  Current  P/T or NPIP certificate must be included with entry forms and must accompany all poultry and eggs in transit. Please protect the biosecurity of our state and participate in the free P/T flock testing today! Be sure to mark "Backyard" on all Backyard Show poultry entries. All donations to the Raffle and Silent Auction are appreciated. The raffle will be held immediately after the silent auction closes, at 1:00 p.m. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE ANY POULTRY EXHIBITS UNTIL THE RELEASE IS ANNOUNCED BY THE SHOW CHAIRS. This will follow the awards presentation on January 7, 2017. 


The Brazos Valley Poultry Club Thanks You!  Poultry owners across the state are what keep the world of exhibition poultry alive.  We thank you for coming to the shows, and hope you join the exhibition, the competition, the display of the finest pure and rare breed exhibition poultry in the state of Texas.  The Brazos Valley Poultry Club is a nonprofit organization, and all proceeds go towards promoting exhibition poultry in Texas.

Send in your entry form today! These bragging rights only last for a year!! 


Make your check payable to Brazos Valley Poultry Club and mail all your poultry and egg entry forms and P/T or NPIP certificate to:  


Claudia Choate 
1489 C.R. 308 
Lexington, TX 78947-4190