The 2022 Bluebonnet Classic
- Featured Breeds -

Each year, the Brazos Valley Poultry Club selects a breed of both bantam and large fowl to be featured at the Bluebonnet Classic Poultry Show. The best and reserve of each of these breeds are awarded a special plaque at the conclusion of the show.
This program was started in efforts to promote and further expose breeds growing in popularity in the state of Texas. We hope to see a large showing of these breeds and are glad to see that they have or are beginning to grow in numbers being bred and exhibited.

Large FowlMuscovy Duck

Bantam Cornish

Past Featured Breeds

2020  LARGE FOWL - Orpington

            BANTAM - Black East Indie Duck

2019   LARGE FOWL - Sumatra

            BANTAM - Belgian Bearded d'Uccle

2018   LARGE FOWL - New Hampshire

            BANTAM - Nankin

2017   LARGE FOWL - Rhode Island Red

            BANTAM - Belgian Bearded d'Anvers

2016   LARGE FOWL - Marans

            BANTAM - Silkie