"Celebrating the Beauty of the Egg, Inside and Out!"

What is an egg show?


An Open Breed Egg Show is a competition designed for poultry owners and breeders who raise poultry for eggs. We know that by looking at the shell of an egg, we can tell things about the health and condition of our layers.  By candling and visual inspection of shell and contents, we can get good indications about the constitution of the bird, whether the egg is fresh, fertile, degraded, or old, even get an idea about the nutritional health of the bird.  


Egg Shows will include Shell Color and Contents Classes in both bantam and standard sizes. Eggs will be exhibited and judged on the freshness of the inside contents, and on the uniform qualities of the exterior shell. Classes will be divided into White, Brown, and All Other Colors, including blues, greens, olives, pinks, pastels, tinted. Any Single Egg includes any color or size egg from any kind of poultry. Submit your rare, unique, colorful, small, large, odd eggs for a chance at the top five. 


Ribbons will be awarded for places 1 through 5 in each of the ten Classes.  There will be egg trophies for the Grand Shell Champion, Grand Contents Champion, and Junior Champion. Grand Champions are determined by most number of points earned in the show.  Submitting more entries increases your chances at Grand Champion awards. 



1. Open to all, youth and adult, in Texas and outside of Texas.

2. Eggs entries must be produced by the exhibitor's chickens.  

3. Three eggs are required for each entry in  Classes #1-7.

4. Only one egg is required to enter Classes #8, 9, & 10.

5. Exhibitor can submit two entries in each class #1 - 10.  

6. All entries must be hand delivered by the exhibitor the day of the show.

7. Once entered, all eggs become the property of the Brazos Valley Poultry Club. No P/T certificate is required to enter this show. Eggs are destroyed at the conclusion of the show.

8. Submit your entry forms by the deadline. There is an additional $1.00 processing fee for late entries.

9. Awards will be presented at the conclusion of judging. Please join the Brazos Valley Poultry Club to be eligible for our sponsored prizes. 



CLASS #1 Bantam White Eggs 

CLASS #2 Bantam Brown Eggs 

CLASS #3 Bantam Color  Eggs 

CLASS #4 Standard White Eggs 

CLASS #5 Standard Brown Eggs 

CLASS #6 Standard Color Eggs 

CLASS #7 Tri-Color, Bantam or Standard Eggs 

CLASS #8 Any Single Egg 

CLASS #9 Contents - One Egg Large Fowl 

CLASS #10 Contents - One Egg Bantam  


*White Classes includes white eggs and cream eggs.

*Brown Classes include light and dark brown eggs.  

*Color Eggs include blues, greens, olives, plums, beiges, pinks, pastels, and tinted eggs

*Contents Class allows any single egg entry from any of your chickens.

*TriColor is any three colors of the exhibitors choice.

*Single Egg entries can be any one chicken or other poultry egg that is beautiful odd, unique in size, shape, color, and/or appearance.   



THANK YOU, Georgetown 4-H, for hosting the Bluebonnet Classic Egg Show!