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We believe that our youth - called "juniors" - are the future of the exhibition poultry hobby. That's why our club is committed to providing them with opportunities to participate and learn at the annual Bluebonnet Classic Poultry Show.

Take a look at some of the ways you can get involved as a junior participant at this year's show!

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2015 Bluebonnet Classic Showmanship

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2015 Winter Bluebonnet Egg Show Grand Champion Junior Exhibitor. Way to go!

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Junior Poultry Show

The Junior Poultry Show is the largest, most popular youth event at the Bluebonnet Classic. This show is set up to be exactly like the Open Poultry Show - birds are shown and judged according to APA and ABA standards by a licensed judge - with the exception that all exhibitors must be no older than 18 years of age. The Fancy Feathers 4-H Club has generously donated trophies in addition to other prizes to be awarded to winning exhibitors of the Junior Poultry Show.

Junior Egg Show

The junior division of the Winter Bluebonnet Egg Show has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Here, junior exhibitors have the opportunity to show of the fruits (well... eggs) of their labor by entering eggs into both shell and content classes. Not only are they eligible to win prizes specific to youth, but also have the chance to compete with open egg show exhibitors. The Georgetown 4-H has graciously volunteered to head the Bluebonnet Egg Show.

Junior Showmanship

Junior Showmanship gives youth exhibitors an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skill pertaining to exhibition poultry in front of a qualified judge. The competition is designed to be an educational and somewhat challenging event for all competitors in an environment that is professional yet fun and easy-going. Competitors will be divided into three divisions: Junior Class (10 & under), Intermediate Class (11-13), and Senior Class (14-18). Participants are required to bring their own bird for this event. They are advised to use one that the contender knows well and is easy to handle, as the individual, rather than the bird, will be judged and scored in this event. Medallions will be awarded to the top three competitors in each division, and a belt buckle will be awarded to the overall champion and reserve champion junior showman. 

Youth Poultry Showmanship Guide

Clerking Opportunities

Next to the show administrators and judges, "clerks" play an important role in a poultry show. These individuals are tasked to record the placings of all birds shown under a designated judge. They are also asked to assist the judge with needs such as locating birds of a specific class, breed, variety, or sex and limiting traffic in aisles where judging is taking place. We are almost always in need of clerks and encourage experienced youth who wish to go further in exhibition poultry to give it a try. This is an opportunity to learn the judging process firsthand and meet some of the finest poultry judges around!