We would like to invite you to participate in our Egg Shows, which occur year-round. Please take a look to see which one(s) you are able to make! Hope to see you there! 

Winter Bluebonnet Egg Show

January 10, 2015


Louis Pearce Pavilion

555 N. George Bush Drive College Station, TX


The Winter Bluebonnet Egg Show is held in conjunction with the Bluebonnet Classic Poultry Show and Pigeon Show. This is the start of the following year's new point recording!

South Central Texas Classic Egg Show

March 7, 2015


Fayette County Fair Association Exhibition Hall

400 W Fairgrounds Rd. La Grange, TX


Held in conjunction with the South Central Texas Classic Poultry Show and Pigeon Show.

Fancy Feathers 4-H Egg Show

March 21, 2015


Dripping Springs Ranch Park

1042 DS Ranch Rd Dripping Springs, TX


Held in conjunctoin with the Fancy Feathers 4-H Poultry Show 

Show Chairman: Bobbi Williams

State Fair Egg Show

October 17, 2015


State Fair of Texas- Pan American Livestock Exposition

3921 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Dallas, TX


Austin Bluebonnet Egg Show

May 30, 2015


Callahan's General Store

501 South Highway 183 Austin, TX 78741


This is the only egg show that is ONLY an egg show! This is also the only Egg Show that features a Decorated Egg competition.

Klein Poultry Extravaganza Egg Show

December 5, 2015


Klein Multipurpose Center

7500 FM 2920 Klein, TX


Held in conjunction with the Klein Poultry and Pigeon Poultry Estranvaganza, an open show to poultry exhibitors. This wraps up the end for the 2015 Egg Showing!