The 2020 Bluebonnet Classic

- Show Awards -

The Brazos Valley Poultry Club has unanimously decided to increase both the amount and the quality of awards that will be offered at this year's show. Prizes will include, but are not limited to:


- Super Grand Champion of Show: Texas plaque

- Reserve Super Grand Champion of Show: Texas plaque


- Grand and Reserve Champion Bantam: Castleberry Plaque

- Grand and Reserve Champion Large Fowl: Castleberry Plaque

- Grand and Reserve Champion Waterfowl: Castleberry Plaque

- Grand and Reserve Champion Turkey: Castleberry Plaque


- Class Champions: Rosettes and Boards

- Reserve Class Champions: Rosettes and Boards


The following shows will be awarded ribbons:

- Gamecock Show

- Junior Show

- Backyard Show

Christine Dibbs will be sponsoring a special award given to Critically Endangered chickens as identified by the American Livestock Conservancy. We are hoping this award will bring some of the rarer birds out to the show and generate some interest.


Good luck, and we look forward to seeing more rare breeds at our show this year!




La Fleche


Modern Game (LF Only)



Spanish (LF)



Tim Myers and Marvin Cagle have donated a belt buckle to be awarded to the exhibitor of the Champion Old English at the 2018 Bluebonnet Classic Show.


We hope to see a very large class of exceptional Old English Game Bantams this year and would like to thank both Tim and Marvin for this outstanding prize!

Cecil Moore Memorial Trophy

Beginning in 2018, the "Cecil Moore Memorial Trophy" has been awarded to the best of breed Orpington at the Bluebonnet Classic Poultry Show. Cecil Moore, once referred to as "Mr. Orpington" was a well-known and talented breeder of multiple varieties of Orpingtons, and this award has been dedicated to the remembrance of him and his contributions to the breed he loved most. The B.V.P.C. would like to generously thank Ms. Marie Moore, Howard Davenport, and James Strickler for sponsoring this award. We are hoping for a great turnout of Orpingtons at this year's show to make this award especially remarkable.

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