The 2020 Bluebonnet Classic

- Show Awards -

The Brazos Valley Poultry Club has unanimously decided to increase both the amount and the quality of awards that will be offered at this year's show.

Prizes will include but are not limited to the following.




- Super Grand Champion of Show: Texas plaque + $125

- Reserve Super Grand Champion of Show: Texas plaque + $50

- Champion Large Fowl: $50 & banner

- Reserve Champion Large Fowl: $25 & banner

- Champion Bantam: $50 & banner

- Reserve Champion Bantam: $25 & banner

- Champion Waterfowl: $50 & banner

- Reserve Champion Waterfowl: $25 & banner

- Class Champions: Rosette & $25

- Reserve Class Champions: Rosette & $10

The following shows will be awarded ribbons for 1st - 5th places:

- Gamecock Show

- Junior Show

- Backyard Show



Judges Choice: Gold Medal

Most Unique: Gold Medal

People's Choice:

 - 1st: Gold Medal

 - 2nd: Silver Medal

 - 3rd: Bronze Medal



Overall Champion: Plaque

Reserve Overall Champion: Plaque

Overall Junior Champion: Plaque



The Fancy Feathers 4H Club has generously donated beautiful belt buckles to be awarded to Champion & Reserve Champion participants in the Youth Showmanship competition.



Trophies for champion birds in the Junior Poultry Show have been donated by the Fancy Feathers 4H Club:

Phil Harriman has additionally donated the following awards:

 - Champion Junior: $60

 - Reserve Champion Junior: $40


Best and Reserve Black Breasted Red Old English Bantams will receive a plaque donated by Darrin Ball in memory of Frank Brautigan.

Best and Reserve White Old English Bantams will receive gold and silver medals donated by Dan Dykes.

Champion Old English Bantam will receive a belt buckle donated by Marvin Cagle, Troy Vannoy, Phil Harriman, C.F. Hazelwood, and Keith Thomas.

Marvin Cagle has generously donated a plaque for Champion & Reserve Champion Old English Bantam in the Junior Show.

Donated by the Tison Family in memory of J.H. "Ty" Tison:

 - Best Game Cock: $25

 - Reserve Game Cock: $15

 - Best of Breed Sebright: $20

 - Reserve of Breed Sebright: $10

 - Best of Breed Belgian d'Anvers: $20

 - Reserve of Breed Belgian d'Anvers: $10

Tim Zitz has generously donated laser-cut steel silhouettes mounted on wood for the following:

 - Best & Reserve Mottled Cochin Bantam

 - Best & Reserve Large Fowl Cochin

 - Best & Reserve Large Fowl Polish

 - Best & Reserve Polish Bantam

 - Best & Reserve Japanese Bantam

The Cecil Moore Memorial Award will be donated by Howard Davenport for the Best of Breed Large Fowl Orpington.