The Brazos Valley Poultry Club is excited to announce the third annual Poultry Showmanship contest at the 2016 Bluebonnet Classic Poultry Show. This is the opportunity for all youth and Junior exhibitors to show off their knowledge and skill acquired about exhibition poultry. This year’s judges will be Bobbi Williams and Preston Cummings, both Youth Representatives of the BVPC and expirienced showmen. Each contestant will receive a score sheet concluding the competition, which will reveal scores earned by the showman as well as provide pointers on how to improve showmanship skills. 


Participants will be divided into three categories: Junior (ages 8 – 10), Intermediate (ages 11 – 13), and Senior (ages 14 – 18). Contestants will have the opportunity to showcase their general knowledge of poultry, answering questions and demonstrating their knowledge of their individual bird. Contestants will be asked to perform basics tasks with their chicken, such as properly posing their fowl, cooping their bird in/out of a cage, as well as proper handling and holding their chicken. The judge’s placement will not reflect the quality of the bird, but instead the showman’s ability to demonstrate their own abilities and understanding of poultry exhibition. However, scores will be taken on the condition of the bird used for showmanship, as it reflects the showman’s ability to condition his or her poultry.


It is advised that those participating know and understand classification, terms, anatomy, diseases/disorders, and basic dietary needs of poultry. In other words, the more you know, the better chances you have of earning a perfect score from the judge.