Backyard Poultry Show

The Backyard Poultry Show is a non-sanctioned show open to all breeds and varieties of poultry. This is your opportunity to show off those unique or striking birds in your flock that may not be eligable to compete in the open show! If you are new to exhibition poultry, the Backyard Poultry Show is also a great way to enter a few birds and experience the ins and outs of a poultry show for yourself.

This show is judged in two ways:

  • Judge's Choice. Either a licensed poultry judge or reputable breeder (not entered in the Backyard Show) will judge this show. The judge will not be using standards published by the APA and ABA but rather make judgements based on what catches their eye. The plumage condition of birds will play a role in the judge's selection as well. A champion bantam, champion large fowl, "most unique", and overall champion will be selected.

  • People's Choice. Exhibitors and guests will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite bird entered in the Backyard Poultry Show. Voting will take place by writing your favorite entry's number on a ticket and depositing it in a secret ballot box. The entries recieving the first, second, and third most popular votes will be awarded.


Judge's Choice:
Overall Champion - Gold Medal
Champion Large Fowl - $20
Champion Bantam - $20
"Most Unique" - Gold Medal

People's Choice:
1st Place - Gold Medal & $20
2nd Place - Silver Medal
3rd Place - Bronze Medal


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Show Catalog_Bluebonnet Classic 2023.pdf

Bluebonnet Classic
Show Catalog (2023)

Poultry Show Entry Form_Bluebonnet Classic 2023.pdf

Poultry Show
Entry Form