Lifetime Achievement Award

Each year, the Brazos Valley Poultry Club honors someone within the Texas exhibition poultry community that has greatly impacted the fancy in their lifetime by recognizing them with the Lifetime Acievement Award at the annual Bluebonnet Classic Poultry Show. Their dedication to exhibition poultry is what has made both our club and the exhibition poultry hobby at large what it is today. The BVPC would like to congratulate and thank this outstanding group of individuals for their contributions and success.

Don Houghton
2023 BVPC Honoree

Don Houghton is the last of the charter members of the Brazos Valley Poultry Club. He is an ABA master exhibitor and a long-time breeder of Cornish and Old English Game Bantams. Don is one of those friendly people who always greets you with a smile. He and his exhibition partner, Dan Dykes, worked hard to save the BVPC from fading away and helped build it to be the great club it is today. The BVPC would not be here today without Don Houghton.

Dan Dykes
2022 BVPC Honoree

Dan Dykes is the complete poultry fancier and has been for over 50 years. He has put on poultry shows, helped many folks with birds, and served as an officer in the American Bantam Association and several breed clubs. Dan is always the first to help anyone and truly enjoys the people within our hobby. His dedication as a poultry breeder and exhibitor has earned him the status of an ABA Master Exhibitor twice over. An instrumental member of our club since the beginning, there simply would be no Brazos Valley Poultry Club or Bluebonnet Classic Poultry Show if it were not for Mr. Dykes.

Diana Tison
2020 BVPC Honoree

Diana and her late husband, J. H. (Ty) Tison, have been a driving force in exhibition poultry since the 1970s. Diana is always offering to help and can be found manning the coffee and refreshments table each year at the Bluebonnet Classic Poultry Show. She genuinely enjoys visiting with others within the hobby and has a special passion for sharing advice, encouragement, and wisdom with junior exhibitors. Diana has been a member of BVPC for more than 30 years, and we are thankful for her contributions to our hobby.

Charles & Bonnie Campbell
2019 BVPC Honorees

If you were to look up the phrase "poultry fancier" in the dictionary, you would likely find a picture of Charles and Bonnie Campbell. For more than four decades, the Campbells have helped put on shows from West Texas to Abilene and now the Fort Worth Stock Show. Recognized among the top poultry breeders within our state for several decades, they are long-time members of the Texas Poultry Hall of Fame. Ask any judge and they will likely tell you Bonnie is the best clerk you can have. We are proud to recognize this outstanding couple as our 2019 BVPC Honorees.

Pat Malone
2018 BVPC Honoree

Pat Malone has been a licensed judge with the ABA since 1984 and the APA since 1986. He was the 40th President of the American Poultry Association (1998) and a long-time APA District 7 Director. His greatest achievement has undoubtedly been helping junior exhibitors in Texas and beyond. He is never too busy to stop and answer questions or offer advice to anyone who asks. Texas has been very fortunate to have Pat as one of our own, and the exhibition poultry hobby has benefited from his contributions nationwide.

Harris O'Brien
2017 BVPC Honoree

Harris O'Brien has bred and exhibited poultry throughout the southern U.S. for over 60 years. Harris was the Open Poultry Show Superintendent of the Houston Livestock Show for many years as well as a leader in the Houston Poultry Club and Lone Star Poultry Club. He was recently elected to the TAEPC Hall of Fame and is recognized as a Master Exhibitor by the American Bantam Association. Harris has been an inspiration to many, providing poultry often at no expense to new exhibitors, and still attends shows in southeast Texas.

Bobby & Aileen Castlebury
2016 BVPC Honorees

Bobby and Aileen Castlebury are undoubtedly among the most distinguished poultry breeders and exhibitors in the hobby. They have excelled in every variety of Modern Game Bantams they have chosen over the past six decades and have won almost every major show in the country. The Castleburys have earned the status of Master Breeders with the ABA and APA for five varieties of Modern Game Bantams and Golden Sebrights and are recipients of the American Bantam Association's Lifetime Achievement Award with 29.5 Gold Stars.

Joe Osburn
2015 BVPC Honoree

Joe Osburn has contributed to the exhibition poultry hobby as a distinguished judge, breeder, and supporter of many poultry clubs in Texas throughout his life. Joe started showing in the early 1960s and became a judge in 1967. He has since retired from judging but was respected for the honesty and integrity he upheld in the judging aisle. While Joe has worked with many different breeds, Modern Game Bantams have remained his favorite. We are proud to name Mr. Osburn as the inaugural BVPC Honoree.