Junior Poultry Show & Showmanship


The Junior Poultry Show is open to all recognized classes of poultry exhibited by youth under the age of 18. All birds will be judged according to the APA and ABA standards.


Champion of Junior Show - Plaque
Reserve Champion of Junior Show - Plaque
Champion Large Fowl - Banner
Reserve Large Fowl - Banner
3rd-5th Best Large Fowl - Banners
Champion Bantam - Banner
Reserve Bantam - Banner
3rd-5th Bantam - Banners
Champion Waterfowl - Banner
Reserve Waterfowl - Banner
Class Champions - Rosettes
Reserve Class Champions -  Rosettes
1st-5th Place - Ribbons

Donated Awards

Donated by Phil Harriman:
Champion Featherlegged Bantam - $60
Reserve Featherlegged Bantam - $40


Junior Showmanship provides youth exhibitors an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills pertaining to exhibition poultry in front of a qualified judge. The competition is designed to be both fun and educational. Competitors will be divided into three divisions: Junior Class (ages 10 & under), Intermediate Class (ages 11-13), and Senior Class (ages 14-18). Participants are required to bring their own bird for this event. They are advised to use one that the contender knows well and is easy to handle, as the individual, rather than the bird, will be judged and scored in this event.

The entry fee for this competition is $5 and can be found on the show entry form. Youth may additionally sign up for the event on the day of the show.


Grand Champion (overall) - Belt Buckle
Reserve Grand Champion (overall) - Belt Buckle

1st Place (each age division) - Gold Medallion
2nd Place (each age division) - Silver Medallion
3rd Place (each age division) - Bronze Medallion

Donated Awards

Donated by Preston Cummings:
Grand Champion (overall) - New copy of APA "Standard of Perfection" (45th edition)


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Bluebonnet Classic Show Catalog 2024.pdf

Bluebonnet Classic
Show Catalog (2024)

Bluebonnet Classic Entry Form 2024.pdf

Poultry Show
Entry Form