Open Poultry Show

The Open Poultry Show is open to all recognized classes of poultry and sactioned by the American Poultry Association and American Bantam Association. All birds will be judged by licensed poultry judges according to the standards and rules set forth by these associations.


Tom Roebuck - VA
Terry Britt - IL
Kyle Tripp - A
Payton Igo - L


American Poultry Association - Special
American Bantam Association - Special

A complete list of club meets will be included in the show catalog. If your club would like to host a meet at the 2023 Bluebonnet Classic Poultry Show, please contact Claudia Choate at 512-914-6884 or with your request.


Show Grand Champion - Texas Plaque & $100
Reserve Grand Champion - Texas Plaque & $50
Champion Large Fowl - Plaque
Reserve Champion Large Fowl - Plaque
Champion Bantam - Plaque
Reserve Champion Bantam - Plaque
Champion Waterfowl - Plaque
Reserve Champion Waterfowl - Plaque
Class Champions - Rosette
Reserve Class Champions - Rosette

Donated Awards

Donated by Darrin Ball in memory of Frank Brautigan:
Best B.B. Red Old English Game Bantam - Plaque
Reserve B.B. Red Old English Game Bantam - Plaque

Donated by Dan Dykes:
Best White Old English Game Bantam - Gold Medal
Reserve White Old English Game Bantam - Silver Medal

Donated by Marvin Cagle, Phil Harriman, Jeff Burkhart, Noah Ziesman, Troy Vannoy, and Keith Thomas:
Champion Old English Game Bantam - Belt Buckle

Donated by the Tison Family in memory of J. H. (Ty) Tison:
Best Belgian Bearded d'Anvers - $20
Reserve Belgian Bearded d'Anvers - $10
Best Sebright - $20
Reserve Sebright - $10

Donated by Howard Davenport in memory of Cecil Moore:
Best Large Fowl Old English - Cecil Moore Memorial Award

Donated by the B.V.P.C. in memory of Steve Jones:
Champion Waterfowl - $50

Donated by the B.V.P.C. for the 2023 Featured Breeds:
Best Large Fowl Langshan - Plaque
Reserve Large Fowl Langshan - Plaque
Best Sebright - Plaque
Reserve Sebright - Plaque


Each year, a large fowl and bantam breed are selected to be featured at the Bluebonnet Classic Poultry Show. The best and reserve of each of these breeds will be awarded a special plaque at the conclusion of the show.

The BVPC voted for the following breeds to be featured at the 2023 show:

LARGE FOWL: Langshans

BANTAM: Sebrights


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2022 Bluebonnet Classic Poultry Show Catalog.pdf

2022 Show Catalog

ENTRY FORM--2022.xls

2022 Poultry Show Entry Form